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The Angipol TP is a composite obtained form unsaturated polyester resin reinforced from a Mat of continuous filament of glass. The product has very good tracking resistance and self-extinguishing and good electrical and mechanical properties. It is particularly suitable for use in unfavourable ambient. L'Angipol TP has been certified as regards fire reaction, tests on issued gas, the toxicity index determination and the fumes density. L'Angipol TP can be supplied in plates of 1050x1270 mm or in finished parts.


Density 1,8-1,9 gr/cm³
Water absorption 45 mg
Colour Red
Flexural strength layers to 23°C 135 MPa
Compressive strength layers 220 MPa
Impact strength (Charpy) // layers 67 MPa
Tensile strength 75 MPa
Dielectric strength layers to 23°C, oil 30 kv/mm
Dielectric constant to 50 Hz 5
CTI (Comparative Tracking Index) 600


The polyester glass tape, type M, thickness 1 mm, is a composite obtained from unsaturated polyester resin reinforced from a Mat of continuous filament of glass. It is particularly suitable for the manufacture of winding stands for dry transformer and for insulation cores transformer. It is supplied in plates of dimension 1000x2000 mm.


Colour Red
Mass 1,42 gr/cm³
Tensile strength 123,6 Mpa
Compressive strength 129,4 Mpa
Flexural strength 120-140 Mpa
Dielectric strength 10-12 KV/mm
Dielectric constant 4
Water absorption 0,4 %
Maximum temperature 140°C

Notes: The information given in this data sheet are the results of careful researches and several tests carried out in our laboratory. Because of the various and particular applications, these information are merely indicative without our responsibility.