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RE 071MR

The compound RE 071MR is a semi-flexible two components epoxy system consisting of an epoxy resin mixed with aggregate and an amino additional agent. Once it has been hardened the product features excellent mechanical and dielectric properties and good resistance to humidity. The product is used for solventless coatings to protect kernels and windings of electric transformers, industrial plants, buildings and swimming-pools. The compound hardens at a temperature higher than 10°C, and it can be manufactured in the colour black, grey, red, blue and others.


Colours (A) red - (B) colourless
Density 25°C (A) 1,45-1,52 gr./cm³ - (B) 1,020-1,030 gr./cm³
Viscosity 25°C (Brookfield g3 V10) (A) 7.000-15.000 mPa.s (B) 250-500 mPa.s
Water absorption 0,05-0,1%
Dielectric resistance >10 KV/mm
Volume resistivity at 6000 VDC 2,379•10¹ºΩ•m

RE 102

The resin RE 102 is an average viscosity product formulated with epoxy resins with the property to harden for the action of a catalyst. The reaction, that causes the hardening, happens to high temperature and it is as more rapid as higher is the temperature. This resin, thanks to tridimensional reticular property, features a considerable dimensional stability and thermic ageing resistance and it has been designed and set up for the motors treatment with drop by drop system. The resin, when warm, becomes very fluid and enters easily in the windings impregnating them completely and uniformly. It has very good compatibility with each kind of enamelled wire.


Colours Transparent straw-yellow
Density 25°C 1,13-1,17 gr/cm³
Viscosity 25°C (Brookfield g3 V10) 1.600-3.200 mPa.s
Water absorption 0,15-0,20%
Dielectric resistance >18 KV/mm

RE 203

The compound RE203 is a two components epoxy system, without solvents: a modified epoxy resin and a modified aliphatic amine adduct to low harmfulness. The system polymerizes at room temperature forming a bright film not sticky also in humidity presence. Once it has been polymerized the system features: very good electric and mechanical properties, excellent resistance to humidity and atmospheric agents, good temperature resistance (F insulation class). It is used for magnetic coils and windings of transformers and industrial plants. It can be used whether brush or airless spray.


Colours (A) straw-yellow - (B) colourless
Density 25°C (A) 1,10-1,20 gr/cm³ - (B) 0,995-1,05 gr/cm³
Viscosity 25°C (Brookfield g2 V50) (A) 10.000-15.000 mPa.s
Viscosity Gardner-Holdt (B) M-R
Water absorption 0,04%-0,06%
Dielectric resistance >18 KV/mm

RE 310

The resin RE 310 is made with epoxy resins and special bitumes. It has been specifically designed for the insulation of electric cable joint. It has an excellent flexibility that together with thermic stability, low retiring after the polymerization and rapid hardening, render the product a necessary and technically advanced instrument. Furthermore it has an excellent chemical agent and water resistance. It is suitable for tension till 10 KV and for little joints of capacity till KG 0,400. It can be supply in self extinguishing version.


Colours (A) yellow - (B) black RAL 9011
Density 25°C (A) 1,450-1,550 gr/cm³ - (B) 1,145-1,185 gr/cm³
Viscosity 25°C (A) 5.000-8.000 mPa.s - (B) 1.500-3.000 mPa.s
Water absorption <0,3%
Dielectric resistance >18 KV/mm

RE 385

The resin RE 385 is made with liquid epoxy resins designed to permit a easy penetration in the objects to impregnate. It is a product of high technology suitable to varied applications when a great chemical and mechanical agents resistance and a strong adhesiveness is requested. It can be strongly charged with considerable saving cost. It features a smooth and bright surface.


Colours (A) pale yellow - (B) colourless
Density 25°C (A) 1,110- 1,160 - (B) 0,955-1,005
Viscosity 25°C (A) 900-1.000 mPa.s - (B) 20-40 mPa.s
Water absorption <0,3%
Dielectric resistance >18 KV/mm

RE 390

The resin RE 390 is made with modified epoxy resins specifically designed for electrotechnic and electronic industry. Also if it is completely reactive it has an excellent flessibility that together with the high chemical, mechanical and electrical resistance, give to the resin those peculiarity of product highly qualified and versatile. It is compatible with all kinds of enamelled wire and suitable for equipments that work in B and F insulation class.


Colours (A) light yellow - (B) colourless
Density 25°C (A) 1,090- 1,110 - (B) 0,955-1,005
Viscosity 25°C (A) 9.500-12.000 mPa.s - (B) 20-40 mPa.s
Water absorption <0,3%
Dielectric resistance >18 KV/mm

RE 924

CRE924 is a solventless epoxy compound formulated as to obtain a product that, once cured, is featured by excellent electrical properties and thermal conductivity, excellent resistance to chemical and physical stress and thermal shocks. By hardening, after the mixing of the two components, smooth and bright surfaces are obtained. The compound CRE924 is compatible with all the kinds of enamel wire and once cured features:

  • high resistance to humidity and to atmosphere and chemical conditions;
  • excellent electric characteristics;
  • excellent thermal conductivity;
  • good resistance to thermal shocks.
It is suitable for the production of equipment that work in B insulation class and in particular for the encapsulation of electromagnetic brakes.


Colours (A) black - (B) amber
Density 25°C (A) 1,700-1,800 - (B) 0,980-1,000
Viscosity 25°C (A) 4.500-6.500 - (B) 600-1.100 mPa.s
Water absorption 0,2-0,4%
Dielectric resistance >15 KV/mm

The epoxy resins here shortly described represent a minimum part of our production. For further technical information and/or specific requests you can contact us to the following address

Notes: The information given in this data sheet are the results of careful researches and several tests carried out in our laboratory. Because of the various and particular applications, these information are merely indicative without our responsibility.