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AC 280

The varnish AC 280 is a dielectric, ecologic varnish made with modified polyester resin, diluted in water and oven drying at 120-130°C. It solves the problem of harmful, volatile organic substances. It can be used for immersion or for flowing whether continuous or discontinuous equipments. It has high resistance to thermic ageing and it is compatible with all kinds of enamelled wire. It is suitable for windings that have to work in F and H insulation class.


Colour Colourless
Density 25°C 1,035 - 1,045
Viscosity 25°C (Coppa FORD 4) 20" - 30"
Dry residual 135°C 27% - 31%
Drying to the touch 25°C 50' - 60'
Ph 8,5 - 9,3
Dielectric strength 6000 V/0,1mm


Angipox WA1705 is an ecological high molecular weight epoxy-phenolic pre-condensate in water dispersion. Solid content is 40%; organic solvent content is about 12% and water content is 48%. The Angipox WA1705 has:

  • Excellent electrical insulation properties;
  • Excellent resistance to atmospheric agents;
  • Resistance to thermal aging;
  • Excellent coverage and finish aspect;
  • Class H insulation (180°C);
  • Water dilutable;
  • Non-flammable.
This product is suitable, so as supplied, to be used with a brush or dipping.


Colour Colourless
Viscosity 20°C (FORD 4 Cup) 15" - 40"
Solid content 39% - 41%
Curing time at 180°C 30'
Corrosion on copper Absent
Dielectric strength 9000 V/0,1mm

The water varnishes here shortly described represent a minimum part of our production.

Notes: The information given in this data sheet are the results of careful researches and several tests carried out in our laboratory. Because of the various and particular applications, these information are merely indicative without our responsibility.