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ANB 843/844

The insulating tape ANB 843 is made with twisted parallel glass fibres impregnated with a special polyester resins stabilized at an intermediate stage (stage B) that gives to the tape a certain adhesive grade in order to effect the tapping without slipping and to unroll the coil without difficulty. Subsequently this resin is completely polimerized according to a definite thermic cycle. The tape has high tensile strength whether in application phase or after the oven polymerization and a very good insulation property and flattering currents resistance.


Linear metre weight (10mm width) Kg. 0,56
Thickness 0,30 mm
Wires/cm nos. 30±1
Resin content % 27±2
Tensile strength N/cm >2500 min.
Arc resistance ≥ 160 sec.
Max. resistance temperature 155°C (ANB843) - 200°C (ANB844)

ATR 851

The tape ATR 851 is a plastic film with polyester, flexible and strong. It is manufactured with a process that have a post orientation with uniform unidirectional retiring when it is submitted to heat. This property enable, in some cases, to have the easier and cheaper way to apply a certain pressure on different objects and structures. The tape retiring begins at 80°C but it reaches its top value between 110°C and 140°C. As there is not a critical temperature it is possible to have results also with heating between 130°C and 200°C; besides this temperature the characteristics degrade.


Thickness 0,05 mm
Width 12,7 mm - 19 mm - 25,4 mm - 31,8 mm - 51 mm
Internal core 36 mm
External dimension 90 mm circa
Standard length 91,44 mt

Notes: The information given in this data sheet are the results of careful researches and several tests carried out in our laboratory. Because of the various and particular applications, these information are merely indicative without our responsibility.